Medicine Ball Ab Workout

Medicine balls are incredible apparatuses to fortify and condition your abs and center. They are inexpensive and arrived in a variety of loads and styles. With the best possible procedure you can shape firm and hot abs!

Standing Russian Twist

1. Beginning position: Stand with feet hip-width separated.

2. Hold medicine ball with two hands and arms just somewhat bowed.

3. Swing ball over to the correct hip and compellingly swing ball forward and around towards the left side.

4. Reverse back the other way.

*Keep the hips pointed straight ahead and stomach attracted to expand appropriate use of muscle.

Figure 8

1. Beginning Position: Hold medicine ball with your arms stretched out over your correct shoulder.

2. In one movement bring the ball down before you like you are hacking wood. The ball should finish towards your left foot.

3. Remain back up and raise the ball straight up over your left shoulder. Bring the ball down towards your correct foot.

4. Come back to beginning position and rehash.

*You should twist your knees to finish the best possible movement.

Medicine Ball Obliques

1. Beginning Position: Lay level on your back and raise your legs at 90 degrees with your knees twisted.

2. Holding a medicine ball between your knees, turn your legs to your side and afterward come back to the beginning position.

3. Rehash to the opposite side.


1. Beginning position: Lay level on your back with knees twisted, two hands behind head. Hold elbows back and far out. Head ought to be in an unbiased position with a space among jaw and chest.

2. Lifting your jawline and chest towards the roof, contract your abs and raise shoulders off the floor. Broaden arms and furthermore raise your advantages toward roof.

3. Come back to begin position.

*Remember to keep head and in a nonpartisan position. Hyperextension or flexion may cause damage. To build obstruction, hold medicine ball in hands. To diminish opposition, position hand nearer towards body

Reverse Crunch

1. Beginning position: Lay level on your back with hips flexed at 90 degrees – feet in air clutching a medicine ball with your knees. Spot arms at sides with palms down on floor.

2. Keeping heels towards the roof, raise your glutes (butt) off the floor.

3. Come back to begin position.

*Remember to shield your legs from swinging to prevent utilizing energy all through the activity.

Begin off moderate and don’t overestimate your capacities and harm yourself. Stay with a weight that doesn’t make you strain your waist. Furthermore, if all else fails, approach a fitness coach for assistance!

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